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Vehicles Covered within our European Breakdown Cover

The cover and restrictions may differ depending on the european breakdown cover you select. Each insurance policy will clearly state the criteria for cover within the policy document which you can read before you make your decision

Cover is available for private registered and hire vehicles providing you have the hirer’s permission. Vehicles Registered outside of the united kingdom are not covered. The age of the insured vehicle is taken from the date that the policy is purchased, not the travel date.

For ease please see the below extracts from the policies we offer:

Assistance Provided By Green Flag Motoring Assistance

Underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited.

The European Breakdown Insurance covers Any vehicle permanently registered in the United Kingdom which is under 10 years old since first registration (or under 15 years old if You have paid the appropriate extra premium), which Your party are travelling in during the Period of Insurance as shown in Your certificate, provided it:

• Is either: a car, light van, motorised caravan, or motorcycle privately registered in the United Kingdom. This may include a hired vehicle provided You have the hirer’s permission.
• Carries no more than the number of persons recommended by the manufacturer (and for whom seats are provided) with a maximum of 8 persons including the driver.
• Does not exceed (including any load carried) the following gross vehicle weight and dimensions: 3,500kg in weight, 8m in length, 3m in height and 2.25m in width.
• Is serviced, maintained and operated as recommended by the manufacturer and holds a current valid MOT certificate if applicable.

For full details please click here to read the policy document

Assistance Provided By Allianz Global Assistance

Underwritten by AGA International S.A.

The vehicle shown on the booking confirmation must be:
• A car, motorcycle over 150cc, motorised caravan, minibus, light van, estate car or 4x4 sport utility vehicle registered in the United Kingdom.
• Less than 15 years old for Single Trip and less than 10 years old for Annual Multi-Trip, at the date you buy the policy.
• Not more than 3,500kg in weight (including any load), 7 metres long, 3 metres high and 2.25 metres wide.
• Not carrying more than the recommended number of passengers (maximum being 8 including the driver).
• Kept in a safe and roadworthy condition and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

For full details please click here to read the policy document

IMPORTANT - This policy will have been sold to you on a non-advised basis and it is therefore for you to read this information (paying particular attention to the terms and conditions and exclusions) and ensure that it meets all of your requirements.